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Declutter Your Slides

Creating Clear and Effective Technical Presentations

Giving technical presentations can be challenging

Do you feel overwhelmed when you plan a technical presentation?
Have you given a technical presentation that failed to convey your ideas?
Or maybe you want to present technical content better but don’t know how?

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There are many things to consider in a technical talk

How much does you audience know your area? What diagrams and charts should you present? Do your text bullets convey the right information? How can you present technical content to experts and non-experts alike? Effective technical presentations can be involved and unfortunately is not taught much at schools.

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Declutter your Slides will teach you how to:

  • Design technical slides that clearly convey your ideas
  • Develop diagrams and charts that the audience process quickly
  • Present source code, algorithms, and mathematics effectively
  • Improve your choices or color and typography
  • Take advantage of presentation software, such as LaTeX
  • Improve your skills giving in-person and virtual presentations

Design Better Technical Presentations Now!

Design technical slides that clearly convey your ideas. Be more confident presenting technical slides!