About Ignacio

My Story

I’m a computer scientist with more than fifteen years of professional experience in the field of computing.  My background is a mix of technical and graphic designing skills that I began to cultivate when I was a kid. At the age of eight, I was obsessed with the craft of drawing. Later at the age of thirteen, I coded my first computer program. I got my Ph.D. degree in computer engineering at Purdue University, Indiana.

My Experience

Being able to communicate complex ideas clearly is a crucial aspect of my job. I have given many technical presentations and have helped numerous students and colleagues improve their presentations using the concepts I teach in my book. I have also received best paper awards at conferences and won research proposal grants; some of such awards and grants have been highly influenced in part by the technical presentations behind them, which I have crafted using the methods I present in Declutter Your Slides.

Declutter Your Slides teaches you how to design technical slides—from brainstorming ideas to the creation of slides.

"Most technical presentations fail because they have too many details and don’t have a clear point; designing a presentation that people understand and remember will guarantee your success."

Ignacio Laguna

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